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How come the liberals suddenly care about the illegal children now? They could've gone and helped the kids when they were in their own country. Why suddenly want to help them after they ran across the border? Nothing was stopping the liberals from helping the kids from other countries before.


Ummm, I’m going to channel a liberal here (or maybe a left leaning libertarian, they are hard to differentiate) so bear with me.


Umm, like, it’s like, because America isn’t the world’s policeman..er…person. We don’t need to get involved in other country’s problems, because we are an evil empire that uses our money and influence to steal resources and stuff when we go to “help” another country. We just have to wait for the people to get here to help them, because, you know, our country is just so awesome that everyone wants to get here and have a chance to live here and we should just give them everything they want because that’s, like, how America works you know?


Remy: What Are The Chances (An IRS Love Song)

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So true

So true


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This is it. This is the one I was waiting for.

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The top: A Feminist. The Bottom: An Anti-Feminist. lol

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Art by ミツバ@原稿中Rate and/or fav the artist!~


Art by ミツバ@原稿中
Rate and/or fav the artist!~

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