Remy: What Are The Chances (An IRS Love Song)

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So true

So true


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This is it. This is the one I was waiting for.

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The top: A Feminist. The Bottom: An Anti-Feminist. lol

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Art by ミツバ@原稿中Rate and/or fav the artist!~


Art by ミツバ@原稿中
Rate and/or fav the artist!~

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maryamkhawaja asked:

Israel sucks, pass it on



In the 66 years that Israel has, once again been a nation, it has produced 12 Nobel Prize winners, compared to 9 from the entire Islamic world ever. And six of the nine were for the highly politicized and questionable peace prize.

Israel has made huge advances in technology. Isn’t it ironic that you might be using Israeli computer technology to embarrass yourself with your lame, juvenile insult?

Israel has made advances in medicine, agriculture, and energy that are being used worldwide.

Besides Israel’s Save a Child’s Heart charity, they’ve sent teams of rescuers and medical personnel to a number of countries in response to natural disasters. Israel is assisting African nations in a number of ways.

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. It’s the only Middle Eastern nation that offers equal rights for all of its citizens, including freedom of religion.

While Christians are being ethnically cleansed from the Islamic world, their numbers are growing in Israel.

There is more, but who’s got time to read, list, and link it all?

It’s a shame that more countries can’t “suck” like Israel.



Livestreams from Tokyo MX (the earliest broadcast):

These are sites that streamed Free! last season as it aired. The show goes live at midnight, JST (8am PST).

source 1 | source 2

Official Sub Carriers:

These sites require subscriptions in order to watch. Crunchyroll…



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